Admist the host of responsibilities that an individual has to bear these days, it becomes difficult to create something unusual, atypical and remarkable.An event manager with his specialized skills shall make your event finest with understanding of your needs and desires. He provides and co-ordinate amongst all different service parties and   you can be focussed and available for your event without any worries.

Event industry is one of its types to create emotional and physical experience for everyone involved, keeping them the number one option for making an impact. This profession involves a mix of errands at different levels, marketing, hospitality and several other expertise.  Hundreds of hours are required to ensure a successful event from start to finish. Most people simply find that they are unable to devote that kind of time. The amount of stress that the right coordinator can alleviate for their client is worth it’s weight in gold.

White Flash Events serves into the industry with high success rates and cent percent happy satisfied customer. WF provides personalised well thought events to create cherishable.

  • Planning , Imagining and Structuring your event while understanding your need , dream and constraints within specified budget and time frame.
  • Optimize Services from varied vendors by managing and communicating thoroughly with large groups working towards the Event .


  • WF is young tech savvy team and promises to get your event sufficient visibility over varied social media platforms to meet your success parameters.
  • Extensive research is done for the authenticity of set designs, fabric and upholstery planning. Latest advances in technology are used for the crafting of light design of the venues.
  • For every limitation , WF team works towards providing alternatives / best solutions with the available resources.
  • WF listens intently to customer needs and feedbacks and continuously work towards improvement.
  • Finance management and tractability is always available for client review.
  • Events require accuracy and precision when working to deadlines. This becomes even more difficult while creating a live experience like a concert or awards ceremony. WF is committed to its schedule times and understands the importance important to prioritise and assign time costs to each element.


The team is quick to respond to any fallout during the event without affecting the overall success of the event